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We Will Stand By You During A Sexual Harassment Claim

State and federal laws in New York strictly prohibit sexual harassment in virtually all workplaces. An accusation of sexual harassment can cost a business a great deal in time, money and reputation if it is not handled with the help of an experienced attorney.

Located in Nassau County, Long Island, the law firm of Weinstein, Kaplan & Cohen, P.C., represents employers and workers throughout the New York City metropolitan area in sexual harassment claims. Because our firm represents parties on both sides of employment law matters, our lawyers have a unique insight into sexual harassment claims that gives our clients a distinct advantage.

Is It Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment generally takes one of two forms:

  • An employer, supervisor or another person in authority offering to trade a raise, promotion or another job opportunity for sex, or threatening punishment if the employee does not consent to sex.
  • Managers or co-workers creating a hostile work environment using sexually inappropriate remarks, jokes, emails, pictures and/or physical intimidation, or making unwanted sexual advances toward the victim.

Under New York’s Human Rights Law, every employee in the state has the right to pursue sexual harassment litigation regardless of how many employees their company has. Thus, even small business owners must be prepared for potential claims. We work with employers to establish clear guidelines for preventing and dealing with sexual harassment and provide a vigorous defense against legal action.

We Will Help You To Determine The Next Steps

We can educate you on local and state employment laws so that you can take control of your legal issue. Discuss your case with an attorney with over 40 years of experience by calling 800-491-9306 or contact us online.