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Aggressive Defense For Employers Accused Of Wage And Hour Violations

When your company must defend claims of wage and hour violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and the New York Minimum Wage and Hours Act (NYSMWHA), it is essential to have experienced counsel prepared to provide the powerful defense that these cases demand. At the Garden City law firm of Weinstein, Kaplan & Cohen, P.C., we recognize that defending wage and hour litigation can cause extreme hardship to your business. Without proper defense representation, employers face potential liability that includes treble damages and even may require you to reimburse the plaintiff for his or her attorneys’ fees. These costs become economically devastating, particularly if the action commenced is a class action.

The attorneys of Weinstein, Kaplan & Cohen, P.C. have extensive experience representing employers in wage and hour actions and labor law class actions in New York.

Our labor law attorneys have defended clients facing allegations for failure to pay minimum wage and, more commonly, failure to pay overtime wages. These actions often stem from allegations involving:

  • Meal and rest breaks not granted
  • Employee misclassifications (nonexempt employees classified as exempt)
  • Compensatory time not granted for hours worked before or after shift
  • Failure to pay overtime or spread-of-hours pay
  • Other wage and hour claims

In defending employees facing wage and hour claims, we bring decades of legal experience, comprehensive understanding of the labor laws and employment regulations and sincere dedication to our clients. In addition, our lawyers have a clear understanding of the impact litigation has on our clients. We often pursue cost-effective resolutions through arbitration, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. Our experience servicing as arbitrators in Nassau County District Court is a testament to our skills in effectively resolving often contentious disputes through arbitration. We take a proactive approach that your representation is comprised of both defending the pending litigation and structuring your payroll practices in an attempt to prevent potential future litigation.

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