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Signs that it’s time to finally get a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Divorce |

If you have been unhappy in your marriage for some time, it is likely that your spouse has been feeling the same. In many unhappy marriages, communication is an issue, so you may feel miserable but never talk about the issues that you need to address to improve your marriage.

If you are simply fed up with being in a loveless marriage, or if you have felt that your relationship is getting even more distant, you may wonder whether you should finally take action to file for divorce and to rebuild your life. The following are some signs that you may need to bite the bullet and make some difficult decisions.

You never argue

Many people who are considering divorce feel that they are overreacting to the situation because they never argue. There is a preconception that divorcing couples need to be outwardly angry and combative. However, never arguing is perhaps a sign that divorce is in the cards because communication and healthy disputes can be a sign of a strong relationship. Or it can be a sign that the couple has given up on communicating since they know they won’t be together any longer in a matter of time so why bother engaging the negative, tense energy anymore.

You try to put on a front on social media

If you and your spouse are having problems behind closed doors, you may be conscious of the need to put on a front on social media. If you find yourself posting photos of your “happy family” in the midst of a fight or when you are feeling particularly disconnected, this could be a huge sign that things are amiss.

You don’t prioritize time with each other

All couples, no matter how long they have been married, should prioritize time with each other when they can. This could be a nice dinner together when the kids are in bed, or just spending the weekend together instead of making plans with friends.

If you believe that your marriage cannot be saved, you may want to consider how the law stands on matters of divorce. Make sure that you take action sooner rather than later so that you have the upper hand.


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