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Asking for a prenuptial agreement is often a good idea

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Divorce |

As you’re planning your wedding, you may have questions and concerns about the future. For example, you wonder what will happen to your assets in the event of a divorce. While a prenuptial agreement can’t protect you against everything that could go wrong in the event of divorce, it’s something you should at least consider.

For example, if you have financial assets that you plan to keep separate from your spouse, you can protect them through the creation of a prenuptial agreement. This way, should you divorce, the assets are not subject to property.

How do you ask for a prenuptial agreement?

This isn’t something you blurt out and hope that your partner takes it the right way. As such as big decision, you need to treat it as such. Here are some tips for asking for a prenuptial agreement:

  • Explain what it is: Just because you’ve spent time thinking about creating a prenuptial agreement doesn’t mean your partner has done the same. In fact, they may not know the first thing about this.
  • Share your feelings: If there’s a specific reason why you think a prenuptial agreement is a good idea, share your true feelings and concerns with your partner. This type of honesty makes it much easier to have an open conversation about the pros and cons.
  • Answer questions: It’s likely that your partner will have questions about creating a prenuptial agreement. Do we really need one? Are there benefits for both of us? Are you open to the idea of creating a post-nuptial agreement? What can you include in a prenuptial agreement? What can’t you include in a prenuptial agreement?

Without a plan to guide you, asking for a prenuptial agreement has the potential to cause stress in your relationship. And that’s not something you want during what’s supposed to be a fun time of your life.

You don’t have to discuss the creation of a prenuptial agreement before your wedding day, but it’s something that most people should at least think about. This legal arrangement can benefit many people who are preparing to tie the knot.



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