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How can I get the right documents for my Long Island divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Property Division |

Divorce is never easy, especially when you are bringing an emotional problem into the realm of legal speech and requirement.

Although the process can be lengthy and complicated, much of the legwork in finding the right documents for property division and other related issues can be done with the help of Nassau County services and the internet.

How do I find out who legally owns a property?

The County Clerk’s Office of Nassau County can help residents find property records. Often, the right record can be found through U.S. Land Records.

Can the county clerk help me get a vital record, like a certificate of marriage?

No, vital records are not maintained by the county clerk except for marriages that took place between 1907 and 1935. Licenses in Nassau County are available from the clerk in the municipality where the license was issued. Certificates of residency, however, are available from the county treasurer.

Can the county clerk issue a copy of a divorce decree?

Yes, the Nassau county clerk can issue copies of required divorce decrees for fees starting at $5.00.

How do I add or remove the name on a property deed?

Once a deed is on record with the county clerk, it cannot be changed and any changes must be reflected in a new deed issued and properly filed with the office. Since clerical staff members are unable to help with this process, it is often advisable to obtain legal representation to complete this process without problems.

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