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Considering child support on Long Island

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Child Custody |

Even if half of all marriages now end in divorce, that doesn’t make the process any easier. It is always difficult to end a marriage, even if the spouses agree and maintain friendly relations throughout the process.

Any parent knows that divorce, separation and new habitation arrangements are especially difficult on children. No child wants to see disagreement and discord in their house, and the emotional toll can be large on a young mind.

Fortunately, Nassau County and Suffolk County on New York’s Long Island both have legal arrangements that make it easier for parents to agree on and monitor child support arrangements. This at least allows caring parents to ensure the health and safety of their kids.

The Child Support Enforcement Bureaus of both counties may offer several useful services, such as locating a parent who is not keeping up with requirements. Establishing paternity for legal purposes is also necessary in some child custody or support cases.

Even if parents agree on the terms of child support and create their own arrangements, an order may be modified by one parent or both. This is also a service that the Child Support Enforcement Bureau can aid. Other legal services may be available through these departments and their related divisions.

An attorney is a beneficial companion during divorce or arranging child support for the divorce process and modifications that may need to be made. The right legal representative can help maximize child support for the good of children of divorce.

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