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Types of divorce on Long Island

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Divorce |

Divorce is never easy. First, you had to deal with the collapse of a cherished relationship. Then you and your spouse have to navigate a complicated and difficult legal process while you are dealing with the emotions of the situation. In these cases, knowing how to move forward is the best form of peace of mind.

The laws of Nassau and Suffolk counties try to make this tribulation a little easier, with some relatively clear-cut types of and rules for divorce. One of the most important decisions to make if you are filing for divorce is the grounds you are claiming for the move to dissolve a marriage.

No-fault divorce, technically known as irretrievable breakdown, claims that the relationship you and your spouse enjoyed has been broken for six months and neither spouse is blaming the other for that fact. This is one of the most common types in the State of New York.

A spouse may claim that he or she was subjected to cruel treatment or abandoned by the spouse’s flight or imprisonment. The rarest form of divorce is possibly adultery, which requires specific legal evidence to be provided for the judgment of divorce based on a spouse having relations outside the marriage.

Complications may arise regarding financial settlements on marital property or the custody and visitation of any children. Legal representation for either or both spouses is often recommended to properly protect both individuals’ interests, while a family court judge may deal with any issues regarding the welfare of children. Divorce is often very complicated when children and many assets are involved. An experienced attorney can help make this difficult time a bit easier.

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