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People wait longer to get married, still get divorced more often

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Divorce |

How often have you heard someone say they just got married too young? Maybe they were thinking about getting a divorce, mulling over the reasons for a divorce that happened already, or just thinking about why they weren’t happy in their marriage. They decided that they’d made a hasty decision at a young age, and they regretted it.

Certainly, this does happen. However, the stats show that it might not be as much of an issue as some people assume. After all, these stats indicate that people in the United States are now waiting longer than ever to get married, but they’re still getting divorced more often.

In 1970, the age at which men tended to get married was 22.5 years old. For women, it was 20.6. In 2011, that age for men had jumped all the way to 28.4 and it had increased for women to 26.5 years old.

Not only were people older when they tied the knot, but more and more of them weren’t marrying at all. In 1960, a full 69.3 percent of all men were married. The same was true for 65.9 percent of women. In 2011, a study found that just 52.1 percent of men were married, along with 49.5 percent of women. Over the previous five decades, the overall marriage rate had fallen dramatically.

Even so, the divorce rate continues to climb. In 1960, it was 1.8 percent for women and 2.6 percent for men. In 2011, it was 9 percent for women and 11 percent for men.

As you can see, marriage and divorce trends have absolutely changed the way people view marriage in the modern day. If you’re considering divorce in New York, make sure you know your legal rights when looking at property division, child custody, child support, and other important areas.

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