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A prenup isn’t romantic, but it shouldn’t be

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | Divorce |

One of the main reasons that people give for not wanting a prenuptial agreement is that it isn’t romantic. In this season of love and excitement, they don’t want to introduce a boring legal contract that can be controversial and may even anger their spouse-to-be. It just doesn’t feel right.

Here’s the thing: Signing a prenup isn’t romantic. It was never supposed to be romantic. You shouldn’t expect it to be.

A prenuptial agreement is simply a logical tool to use. When you get married in New York, you’re potentially giving your spouse legal access to some of your assets — money made during the marriage, for example. A marriage contract is also a legal contract. It’s thought of as “romantic” in modern culture, but it’s a legal undertaking.

A prenup, then, is just the other side of that contract. It protects you and your assets if you do get divorced. That can be an awkward topic to bring up right before your wedding, to be sure. It may be tense if you and your significant other don’t agree or if he or she doesn’t like the idea of a prenup.

The key, though, is just to think about what you want for your future. Some people are fine with ignoring a prenup and taking that risk. Others are not. It’s a decision every couple has to make for themselves, and it’s easier to make when you realize it’s not going to be romantic or fun, even if you decide it’s necessary.

If you do want to use a prenup because you think divorce is a potential issue, be sure you know how to legally draft one, when to file, and how to make sure it holds up in court if you ever need it.

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