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Things you should know before you file for a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2016 | Property Division |

Most divorced individuals will likely tell you a few things that they didn’t know before filing for divorce. Would it have affected their decision to divorce? That much isn’t known, but for one woman found that there were many things she wished she had been aware of before she filed for divorce. Here are a few of her realizations about divorce:

— You will likely hate your ex and vice versa — at least for a little while. Once the divorce is over, perhaps you will be able to be civil or even friendly towards one another. Another thought? His or her family likely care too much for you anymore, either.

— Your divorce will likely cost more than you think it will. That’s not just your attorney’s bill, either. Getting a new place to live, deposits for everything, moving expenses and more all add up quickly. Put as much back as you can before you file, but don’t put it in the joint account.

— It will take at least twice as long as you think it will take. That’s not just because of the court system, either. You can add in your ex’s and your own indecision. Maybe you don’t want to part with the china, but your soon-to-be ex simply will not let it go either. Property division can take some time for many couple, and that’s even if the court doesn’t have to make the decisions.

Even though divorce is difficult, you can survive and make to your new, single person life. If you need help coping with the situation, you might ask your attorney for referrals for counselors or therapists. Do whatever it takes to deal with your divorce and when you’re ready, move on.

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