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Will my health insurance change after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2015 | Divorce |

When you’re dealing with a divorce, there are a myriad things you have to concern yourself with. Child custody and support, alimony, property division and so much more can make you feel as though you being pulled in multiple ways. After your divorce is final, you may think that your life will instantly become easier. While that may be the case for some, for others there are still going to be many things you have to take care of. One of those could be your health insurance.

If you have been covered under your spouse’s health insurance policy at work, that will likely end. One woman author thought she would easily be able to write an article about divorce and health insurance. She quickly found out that it was no easy task.

She decided to check out the government website for healthcare. She wanted to see what divorced people would face when trying to get health insurance. She went through several pages of questions, which were quite easy to answer. Then she clicked on a button to get her results.

She stated she was not prepared to for the five pages of various plans available — thirty plans in all. There were estimates for the monthly premium, deductible amounts and the maximum for out-of-pocket amounts. However, there weren’t any hospitals or doctors listed and choosing the best plan would take hours or even days of work.

She came up with some things you need to know after your divorce about health insurance. First, you should not wait to figure it out until after your divorce is final. This could help you save money on premiums and perhaps even keep you from going without any insurance.

Next, make sure health insurance costs and projected premium increases are figured into your budget after a divorce. Third, pay attention to the deadlines because you can’t just get insurance anytime you want now. The Open Enrollment Period or the Special Enrollment Period is the only time you can get health insurance.

Finally, get help when you need it. The health insurance industry is changing so quickly that perhaps the smartest thing you can do is to get help. Your divorce attorney may be able to suggest a professional to assist you.

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