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Child custody that is in the best interest of the child

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2015 | Child Custody |

If you are in the middle of a divorce or a separation and children are involved, you have likely heard the phrase “the best interest of the child.” This is what the court will always look at when determining child custody and visitation. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for some parents to realize that what they see as in the best interest of the child and what the court sees are not the same.

At Weinstein, Kaplan & Cohen, P.C., we work with parents to develop visitation and child custody agreements that are in the child’s best interest and that protect the desire of the parent to be involved in the child’s life. The court will consider the following before making its ruling:

— The emotional bond between the child and the parents

— How a child custody decision will affect the child’s welfare

— Each parent’s lifestyle

— Each parent’s ability to care for the child

— What an older child wants in terms of custody and visitation

— Which parent provided what in the role of caregiver in the past

By considering the above factors, as well as what the other wants, we are often able to create a visitation and child custody agreement that is in the child’s best interest, but also will keep both parents active in the child’s life.

Arbitration and mediation are the preferred methods of figuring out child custody and visitation; however, we are experienced litigators who can handle contested matters of child custody.

To learn more about child custody and visitation, please visit our many webpages that discuss the matter.


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