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Child support percentages in New York

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2015 | Divorce |

When seeking child support in New York, the court will take a close look at your case to examine things like how much money you make, what needs the child has, how much your spouse earns, who provides specific amounts of care and much more. The process can get complicated, but there is a set scale of payments that you can examine to get a ballpark idea of how much will be paid. If the income level is determined to be under $136,000, these percentages will be used. The scale is as follows:

— For one child, payments will be 17 percent of the total set income.

— For two children, payments will rise to 25 percent.

— For three children, the payments go up to 29 percent.

— For four children, the payments rise again to 31 percent.

For five or more children, the payments have to be at least 35 percent, though they can be more. This is when things get a bit complicated, as the court will have to look at the specific number of children to determine a fair percentage past that point. As can be seen, though, the rate of increase is fairly standard, and a similar increase can be expected in many cases.

If the income level is over $136,000, this same scale may be used, but it is not a given. The court will look at the case and decide if the scale makes sense or if another percentage should be applied.

There may be slight variance in what payments you actually see, as all cases are different, so make sure that you know what legal steps to take.

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