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Technology could be the enemy in your New York divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Divorce |

If anyone is your “enemy” in your New York divorce, it is probably the attorneys representing your soon-to-be ex-spouse, right? Not so fast — there is another danger lurking behind your modern divorce dispute. It’s name: technology. Although we use technological devices to aid our everyday lives, it can come back to bite you during your divorce proceedings. Those going through a divorce are cautioned to protect themselves from the potential intrusions that could be committed by a desperate ex-spouse.

Your ex may enlist the help of technological devices and programs to snoop on the websites where you spend a lot of time. A tech-savvy ex can hack into your Facebook account, posing as you during conversations. This type of tech wiz could also access spending habits, airline miles or even determine whom you have hired as your divorce attorney, depending on the sites you use for e-mail communication. The point: Change all of your passwords to something more secure and difficult to guess as soon as you file those divorce papers — if not sooner.

Ex-spouses also have a tendency to cause financial difficulties during a divorce by going on shopping sprees using joint credit cards or accounts. In many cases, these assets should be frozen to prevent such a practice, but that does not always occur. Divorcees are encouraged to continually check their online statements to determine whether any misuse of their digital financial resources is occurring.

These exes may also use more nefarious means of tracking their partners through GPS trackers or EZ Pass analysis. People who are going through a divorce are urged to be vigilant, especially if their partner has a penchant for this type of retaliation. Some of this information could actually be admissible in court, and it could wreak havoc with child custody negotiations and other sensitive matters.

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