Experienced New York Attorneys Resolving Employment Contract Disputes

Employers and employees are often protected by written employment contracts. In employment arrangements involving top executives or key employees, an employment agreement is almost always a necessity. However, when the employer-employee relationship ends, the conditions of the employment contract should be upheld — by both parties, not just the employee.

Representing Employees In Breach Of Contract Disputes

At the Garden City, New York, law office of Weinstein, Kaplan & Cohen, P.C., we represent employees in contract disputes arising from broken employment agreements. Our extensive knowledge of employment law allows us to help our clients make informed decisions. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation if you have an employment contract dispute you would like to discuss with one of our experienced attorneys.

A solid employment contract can address issues involving compensation, noncompete clauses, severance pay, severance terms and other important provisions. Typically, an employment agreement will set forth a procedure for termination of the employment — by either the employer or the employee. However, if the employer does not follow the procedure, such as providing proper notice, there may be cause for an improper termination claim.

Most contract dispute remedies involve enforcement (or injunction) and financial compensation. The same is true for most employment contract disputes. Our lawyers assist employees in enforcing their rights under an employment contract and in pursuing compensation for damages suffered as a result of a breached employment agreement:

  • Differential pay
  • Interval wages lost (until a new job is obtained)
  • Severance pay
  • Other damages

An Experienced Team Of New York Employment Law Attorneys

Our employment law attorneys are skilled negotiators and proven litigators. While we promote alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as mediation or arbitration, we stand ready to provide fierce representation in trial. Our partners also serve as arbitrators in the Nassau County District Court, further demonstrating our ability to effectively resolve complex disputes such as breach of contract claims involving employee agreements.

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